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I am Zane Teague, feared by men and desired by women, and I was born into a life of luxury, riches, and crime. Destined to take my place at the head of the family, and to be the ruler of our world.


Finally, I was crowned King, with the criminal world at my feet, 

I take what I want, when I want it. 

My name is revered, but there is one thing that I desire - have to have - but will never attain, no matter how hard or dirty I fight.


Bailey Roach is the woman I crave, the woman who should be in my bed. She's the queen I want to rule beside me, and I've loved her for most of my life. But she's also my best friend's sister and I swore to him that I would never touch her, never let the evil and chaos in my world taint hers.


Despite the promise I made, she is all I can think about, and the pain of wanting what I can't have is now my greatest weakness. Her hold on me has the potential to turn my world upside down and destroy everything I've worked for. Worse than that, she has the power to rip my heart and soul apart... yet, I have to have her.


When need engulfs you, it can only lead to disruption.

"My heart couldn't take some of the moments in this book."

"This story is another brilliant addition to the Victoria Johns' world."


"May just be her best work to date."


"Gritty, full of suspense and unputdownable"


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